Tahmina Speaks at Seattle’s Immigration Rally

It has been a heartbreaking and challenging few days. Last week was full chaos, confusion and trying to understand the magnitude of the executive orders, advising officials and clients on the impact, attending meetings and press conferences. That was topped on Friday that saw global havoc with travel bans from 7 countries to the US. As a result, protests were held around the country. The weekend was frantic with these issues, helping organizations find legal assistance, dealing with questions about people stuck in airports, answering panicked fill questions from community members as well as clients and finally attending an immigration rally held in Seattle’s Westlake Park on Sunday January 29th where about ten thousand people attended (I think!). I was so honored and privileged to have been invited to speak at the rally. The rally organized by the Americans for Refugees and Immigrants brought together people from all walks of life. There was much media coverage of the event. Our local elected officials all attended and spoke at the event. Here is KOMO’s coverage. The event was so large that people far away could not hear my speech. So, I am including Tahmina’s Seattle Immigration Rally speech for people to read. Below are photos from the past week that was a turning point in US immigration history. While the worst I hope is over, there are more executive orders to come. I will write more soon. Thank you for visiting the blog and asking questions. I will write more soon.

Here is the week in photos:

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