Tahmina- Spring 2018 Brand Ambassador of Sanaya Set!

I am so honored and proud to announce that I am the Spring 2018 Brand Ambassador for Sanaya Set!

For those of you new to Sanaya Set- the tagline will tell you all you everything- “social justice x self care”.

Sanaya Set Spring 2018 collection

Sanaya Set curates seasonal collections of lifestyle products that enhance beauty inside and out. Every item is carefully curated to ensure that all items align with their principles, which are guided by intersectional feminism. They collaborate with and give back to organizations that positively impact social justice and whose values are aligned with theirs. They source their products from women-owned businesses with an emphasis on businesses owned by women of color and/or from marginalized communities. In addition, they work with organizations and fair trade companies who elevate women globally. Their mission is one to empower women who are brave enough to pursue their passions.

Sanaya Set Winter 2017 collection

Each season will bring a box of delightful and surprising goodies that you will not find at your local shop. All your senses will be tickled from the moment you touch the gorgeous eye-catching ‘Sanaya Set’ box!

When I received my first collection and before I even opened the box, the fragrance of the beautifully and safely wrapped candle inside was already filling their air with its sweet aroma. I was impressed and elated with each of the heavenly items. How can you not love a button that says “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”.

And when my Spring Collection arrived, for which I am the Brand Ambassador, I was giddy with excitement. The

eye-catching robe is made from a soft and plush material wonderful bright colors. But what makes it even better is knowing the robe was handmade by a minority woman trying to make a difference for herself and her family.

I shared the collections with my team (because they need pampering too!). Each person from Watson Immigration Law adored the items they selected for themselves. Alyssa, our Legal Assistant said, “Such a thoughtful group of objects! I love that each object is socially conscious and beautiful”.

In its short history, Sanaya Set has made a big impact. Not only is it making a true difference to the lives of female business owners, it is creating a local buzz. Sanaya Set was recently featured on Seattle’s KOMO news. In addition, it was a sponsor of one of my favorite organizations, API Chaya, at its annual fundraising gala. The latest collection was also reviewed in detail and featured by Dallas Intuitive Designers.

As a busy working mother juggling many priorities, self-care doesn’t often make it on my list. I am sure many of my friends and colleagues find themselves in the same boat.

So what could be better than a new, surprise collection of heavenly goodness arriving at your doorstep every few months to remind you that self-care is important while simultaneously making the world just a little bit better than it was before? Learn more about their mission and work here.

A huge thank you to the beautiful, thoughtful and creative founders Tarul Tripathi, Sandy Mathews and Tejal Angolkar for allowing me the privilege of being Brand Ambassador for the Spring 2018 collection. And, thank you for letting me share my latest immigration thoughts “Tahmina Talks-Take Action” on your blog.

visit www.SanayaSet.com.

Tahmina with Tarul Kode Tripathi, Founder & CEO of Sanaya Set



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