Legal Heroes- The Podcast Series To Accompany the Book- Guest Erin Albanese

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We are excited to release the third interview in the podcast series ‘Legal Heroes in the Trump Era” on our popular podcast Tahmina Talks Immigration! It is this series that led to writing the bestselling book with the same name- “Legal Heroes in the Trump Era: Be Inspired. Expand Your Impact. Change the World.”

The print version of the book is now available!

We hope you will enjoy listening to some of my favorite lawyers who have made a real difference particularly since November 2016.

Today’s guest is Erin Albanese- cofounder of Lawyers Moms Action and WIDEN. I am honored to call her a friend.

TahminaWatson · #104 Legal Heroes Series- Erin Albanese, Cofounder Lawyer Moms & WIDEN



Founder@WatsonImmigrationLaw, passionate #immigrationlawyer, #immigrationreform advocate 4 #entrepreneurs, author, blogger, radio show host, speaker mother&wife

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